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8 Tips for Writing Sucessfully in Front of the Small Screen

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Struggling to find time to update your blog. Yet you never miss your favorite TV shows or somehow find yourself watching "Roeasanne" again, c'mon "Roeasanne". What channel even has the audacity to still play that show anyway.

You could be writing right now. Or least sitting there with pencil and paper in hand looking like a writer. Don't worry we'll get your hand moving across that page. This post will cover some tips to make things happen in front of the small screen.

1. Relax

Your writing can't be as bad as another episode of "Night Court".

2. Love the Reruns

Usually reruns are boring. "Seinfield" isn't so funny the 5th time. But when its time to write in front of the TV reruns are your best choice. The more times you've watched a show the easier it will be for you to tune it out and write. In fact buy some "Friends" DVDs and play them while prime time is on. You might miss the next "Prison Break" or "24", but you'll write better. Who am I kidding. I'm not missing my favorite shows.

3. Embrace Distraction

There is a reason your in front of the boob tube. Either your feeling tired, lazy, bored, stress-out, or your just procrastinating. In any case your there for distraction. Well writing is as good a distraction as any.

4. Accept that Your Not Shakespeare

Clearly the greatest poets of all time didn't write in front of the TV, which is good. It takes the pressure off. You don't need a muse flowing through you to get some good ideas down on paper. Your also there ready with pencil in hand if lighting does strike. And we're bloggers anyway. Not poets for god's sake. Take that black turtle neck sweater off.

5. Let Your Ideas Flow

Don't furrow your brow with concentration. You didn't sit down in front of the TV to concentrate. Just let the ideas flow without pressure.

6. Capture Your Thoughts

This isn't the time to do your most detailed writing or work on polishing a draft. It is a great time to come up with some ideas. Make lists of topics for your blog, or lists of headlines that interest you, sketch out some concepts, or write a rough article outline.

7. Turn Off the Editor

If inspiration comes run with it. This is a great time to turn off that internal editor. Don't worry about misspellings or bad ideas. Just run with your thought process. You'll be surprised at how much good stuff comes out. You might surprise yourself and bang out a good first draft during a 30 minute episode of, yet again, "Cheers".

Even if you end up cutting out half of your writing once you go to edit later on that's OK. This is work you might not have gotten written down any other way. Would you have found the energy or the time otherwise?

8. Have Fun While Finding Your Voice

Writing in Front of the TV is a great way to inject some of your personality into your posts. Your relaxed, your defenses are down, your just having fun writing. Its a good way to find your voice.

Worst Case Scenario

If all else fails you could actually watch that episode of "Law and Order" for the eighth time, which is what you sat down to do anyway.

Now tell the truth. How many of you have been writing in front of the TV lately?

your tips are great but.....

No matter what she do, my main squeeze can never learn how to write effectively in front of a small screen. These tips of yours are great but they won't do no good for my honey right here! She's got a pair of big noogins! So big that she can't even see the keys on her keyboard! But I like it that way! HAR HAR HAR!!!!

Finding Time to Blog

These are great suggestions. It is too easy to turn on the internal editor mode "while" you're writing. But, its really true... if you relax and just have fun... letting the ideas flow, you'll have a lot more success. TV is no excuse!

cool ideas but i prefer for

cool ideas but i prefer for NO.5 that is Let Your Ideas Flow. anyhow thanks for the information.


I always use a white noise machine while trying to fall asleep, and now I've put another in my office. I work in real estate ( and it really seems to help my concentration.

For me it is turning off the

For me it is turning off the T.V and doing a little meditation, which helps me get focused and then I can write like a mad man.. great post made me think !

Great post really made me

Great post really made me think on many levels, I have a hard time getting started but once I do it all come out good on my blog.

Writing Well

Personally the television would distract me, as words floating through the air would serve to interfere with the words forming in my mind. Soothing word-less music is more my style.

That is so true and natural.

I often read snippet on "how to get some good Ideas" and in writing there is nothing difficult than that. Believe me, I am already doing to same and I have got all good ideas from the same. Perhaps we are more creative and free to idealize when we do some of our favorite things.

Great Share

great share info..
nice blog :D

So True

This post is so true! A lot of the times, it's hard for me to "find the time" to keep my blog's content fresh and updated. But when I consider the amount of time I waste each day on other things, it really just goes to show that I need more motivation to stay on top of it.
I think writing is just like any other exercise - if you don't practice it on a frequent and regular basis, then it's harder to get "stronger".
Thanks for sharing.

great idea

great idea to add a tv tuner card to is best while seeing tv you can do work on the computer and we can save importent programme into the computer from tv.


No Way

Not only do I have to have total silence... I use foam ear inserts as a good measure.


Hulu has been the death of me. It is so convenient. Yet writing has to be done.

We are so Flexible.

I am addicted to watch T.V and to do all my daily blogging tasks altogether. Truly, I am addicted to that and it always enhances my ability to work better. I can enjoy my reading and posts with that and it is remarkable experience.

Your'e right I'm not Shakespeare

I find distraction sometimes has the desired effect myself, all too often I find myself hitting a wall searching for the right words when an uninterrupted burst of hysterical writing, edited afterwards is more fruitful, and I often find this is easier when the mental block is smashed by distraction.

Not meaning to be pedantci

Not meaning to be pedantic and there is a little bit or irony in this too but:

Accept that Your Not Shakespeare

should read:

Accept that You're Not Shakespeare

Bill would be turning in his grave!!!


I just cant work with the du

I just cant work with the du box on near me. A few days ago i just move my work stuff for being the farest possible of it. Now i can work better.

I like to write while I'm

I like to write while I'm watching TV too. It doesn't disturb me and I can concentrate pretty well.


I can't write when the TV is on. It distracts me. I can only write in quite places.

What A Great Idea!

Love the post, really I do. I write in front of my TV on a daily basis, and never even thought about the distractions I face. When I read back my articles, I can always tell exactly where The Office came on, or when we switch on Top Gear. The posts become barely comprehensible, and I have to re-write those parts.

I used to have the tv on 24

I used to have the tv on 24 hours a day while working or not (worked from home) but a few months ago my situation changed, and I've gone from one extreme to the other. now I don't watch TV at all. The only thing I watch now are M*A*S*H dvd when I'm in bed.

I must say, it's usually better without the TV, but sometimes I need a distraction, and the radio comes on.

Well, isnt that the disease

Well, isnt that the disease of our times? To do everything with enough background sound. It´s the corresponding phenomenon to Horror Vacui!

Sweet Easy List

Great list, I plan to use every tip to help me write now. Thanx

Nice, thank you

Really helpful!
Thanks a lot

CNN usually on

Mostly as background noise or a escape if needed. Why is this blog not updated?

my best work is with

I find i can do my best writing as you say with a rerun .. i tend to toss in a old movie that i do like but i can tune it out completly and still keep up with whats going .. belive it or not willy wonka seems to work wonders when im trying to write its a bit zany and good for a laugh when im in the midst of taking myself to seriously ..

tv off

I get my best work done in a complete silence. Can't produce anything if there is distractions at my ears or eyes. But that's just me. I usually work at evening so I get more things done :)

I can not write with TV on.

I can not write with TV on. Different things work for different people I guess.

Nice Tips.

Those are some of nice tips I have ever read for writing good content and how can we maximize our writing ventures. I am not in the favor to write all the time but we should be very comfortable doing that.

Thanks for these great tips,

Thanks for these great tips, because it is always very difficult to write in front of the small screen, but I hope your advice will help me a lot.

Updating Blogs

These are some really good tips on updating blogs even while watching shows on tv. Some of these are also good tips for writing something even while on a travel or vacation, so as long as you'll never get to neglect your blog.


Ye I definitely feel that you have to be in the right state of mind to write, its all about scenario and concentration.

My laziness and addiction to

My laziness and addiction to watch TV shows are things which always refrained me to write a fresh new content but then I addicted to write content in that style. I thought that I am the only person who have such bad addictions but it is good to know that I am not alone.

Always the news

I almost always have the news on when I'm writing. It often provides me with great ideas.

TV is always on

My tv is always on. It seems as if there is another person in the house.


This are good tips. It would really help those who want to write something out of watching tv programs. But it really depends on the person if she gets easily distracted whenever there's noise coming from the tv. Likewise, it can also train him or her to adapt a different kind of atmosphere, like even there's something that keeps on bothering him, he still has this concentration to do what he's supposed to do. Does anyone agree?

Great tips ... very interesting post on this subject

Great tips, thanks for sharing with us.

Good tips

Very educational article. Continue podderzhiat your blog.

Good tips

Very educational article. Continue podderzhiat your blog.

7. Turn Off the Editor is

7. Turn Off the Editor is really a good way. thanx share it

I'll take you up on that

The topic is very interesting and I think
that here I'll take you up on that.I can't watch TV while I write.I am come condfused.


yeh if there is some enjoyment during the work we should not feel boor

really nice post for me to

really nice post for me to promote my blogs. thanx

That's some good pointers.

That's some good pointers. Will try to remember them. Sometimes I feel so tense sitting in front of the computer.

TV vs Music

Honestly I like the noise of music better than TV, because it always succeed to cut my focus for several minutes and then I forget that I am writing. But music lets me sing or shake my head, as though ideas coming out while the shaking.

Great post brilliant keep up

Great post brilliant keep up the good work.


I watch all my tv on my

I watch all my tv on my computer these days. mythtv is great.

I'm not sure it works for me

Nice post, but i'm not sure it works for me. I love TV, but does not write on them. Maybe i'm just little strange guy, yep?

I have a huge LCD TV

I have a big LCD TV connected with my notebook. Sometimes when I am preparing some presentations I use it for work. Usually I watch TV via Inet. But that is only possible with a good graphic card. Minimum GForce +10

I don't want to miss my favourite TV

I don't want to miss my favourite TV shows but I can't stay in front of TV to watch and write simultaneously.That's why I thank you very much for these tips.

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