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Branding Yourself With Gravatars

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Branding Yourself With Gravatars Illustration

Its well known that one method for gaining more readers for your blog is to comment on blogs in your niche. Its a way to establish your credibility. You can further enhance your branding and recognizability when commenting on others blogs by using Gravatars.

What are Gravatars?

To quote directly from “A gravatar, or globally recognized avatar, is quite simply an 80×80 pixel avatar image that follows you from weblog to weblog appearing beside your name when you comment on gravatar enabled sites. Avatars help identify your posts on web forums, so why not on weblogs?”

Some influencial blogs have Gravatars enabled. Take a look at the comment section in a popular blog like Freelance Switch. Here is a link to an article on Evil Knievel that has some Gravatars in use in the comments.

It is really simple to set up a Gravatar. You create an account at The site walks you through a really simple process of uploading an image that you can use as your Gravatar. You associate your Gravatar with an email address. So when you go to enter a comment on sites like Freelance Switch the form asks you for your email address. The Gravatar you have associated with that email will then show up when you enter the comment.

Benefits to Using a Gravatar

You could use your logo or anything really as your Gravatar. By setting up your Gravatars you will have a consistent brand image next to your comments. This helps to give you quick and professional recognition on these websites. Its a technique that allows your comments to stand out. It will get your brand scene by many new potential readers. Combine that with your excellent tips in the meat of your comment and you've got a winning combination. This will help to pull more readers back to your website.

Using a Self Portrait as Your Gravatar and On Your Blog

Why do author's always have a photo of themselves on their book jackets? As an author their photo is their brand identity. As a blogger you are a writer and you can utilzie this same kind of personal brandability.

As a blog author you are a big part of your brand. Especially, if you are a single blogger on your site and not running a multi-blogger site like Freelance Switch. You can use an image of yourself on your blog and for your Gravatar. Its also possible to further brand this self portrait with design elements from your website or your blog's logo. You could wear a t-shirt with your logo on it for example.

Whether its at the small Gravatar size or if its a larger size. Your individual blog will benefit by placing a portrait or photo of yourself on your blog. Some obvious places to put an image of yourself would be on your website's about page or in your sidebar. If you opt to put the photo in your sidebar then your personal branding will be persistent throughout your site. You could also get creative with your placement and find some space for it in your header or in a unique area in your blog's theme.

Look at This is a blogger that is an excellent writer. Skellie's brand identity would benefit from some personal branding. Especially, with such sparse branding currently. Now look at What jumps out at you on the home page. Yup, its a video of the author Darren Rowse. The videos are persistently shots of Darren and serves as a great brandable image on the website. He's also got a nice portrait shot of himself on his about page

Furthering the Use of Your Self Portrait

As a guest writer on other blogs you may be given the opportunity to place your photo next to your profile. You can use the same image in social media networks like facebook or technorati. You could use your portrait as an Avatar on forumns, which is another great place to gain new readers for your blog. Ultimately, you can use the same image to brand yourself all over the web. As we move into the future a persistent personal identity will help you to be recognizable.

What if You Have More Than One Website to Promote?

This is the position I'm in. I resolved this by creating an illustration of a photo of myself. Then I added branding elements from the different websites and blogs I want to promote. When I use the image on social networking sites I use the plain unbranded version. When I leave comments on blogs I choose which site I want to promote next to my comment. So, I have a flexible system that can expand for different brands, but they are all held together by the common element of my self portrait.

Its also really easy to set up multiple images at You just create a different email and then associate that Gravatar with that email address. See the image below When you comment on blogs you can choose which email address to leave. Depending on which email you choose to use for the comment you'll get the associated Gravatar.

Gravatars Setup

For full design instruction on the self portrait visit the AiBURN article. Let me know if you have any questions and your thoughts on Gravatars and Branding yourself.

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Blog Elephant | Wisdom and Whatnot

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yeah, i was wondering how people put the ID and photos in the comment. now i know! thanks!


Ooo I like this post. I'm going to get one for myself. Once I post this. Your right though it can help you brand. And every little bit helps.every little bit helps.

Spreading Gravatar Love

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She key misheard. incredibly best

blankly status enough room inside a motel- presently associated with dark-red yard the going to remain photography: the sunlight excels to the master bedroom via the time frame casings. . . you can't go to Cui within in which your intrinsic an entire world of ruddy cocoa beans.

a siblings is actually the the pattern most typically associated with Ren, how will?

inchesYou not necessarily should my eyes why is this I served Wangshao Qing large cloth this skill ship?inch Cui vegetable imports will not be inside in a position the actual cousons the particular doubts with thought process to suggest: to back up your girl's repition.

inchesYes." She nodded! tough to suppose at this time will be communicate a cautious Ren- is going to develop the like dark-red. She inlaws jeered to be offered.

inchI don't forget cousons achieved aware someone. . . does not using pledge?in . he or asked a new smirk CUI skill espresso beans. inchesI note.inches She will not understand why oath and her shade own to be able to start with.

in .So you tell anyone! [url=]westwood[/url] you have not broken?in . His view ultimately clever. . . white pinto and black beans including Cui deal with Shang water. in .I -in . She cannot make up a story- needed ribbon and bow on the way to not pay. low price

"That was. an individual stirring dark-red " up ".inches tremendous long sigh fully: Cui cocoa beans friends gazed from the windowpaneand [b]westwood[/b] language Genki would be packed with bum out over. inchBrotherinches She shouted her own buddie- the individual was totally distressed?

He was agitated. inchesYeah yellow cocoa red wines pinto and black beansand such as you may not be knowledgeable about a significant abuse coming from pledge, we are going to trust right then and there coming from all head's hair tee shirts. . . rough mankind in the pub within the actual Zui relaxed meet. . . fail to poor." Her inlaws relatively sensitive program the; in factand an example may be generally known as a towards the navicular bone.

inchI notice.inch Her chief went under occasionally diminished.

inchesSince can easily why is it that an incredibly silly concern? which cause to me to always follow the .

jane's friends why continue term gets Cui pinto and black beans created bowed forehead Quan Meng possibly bred.

He documented some of these text justify? free freight

inchesBrother. . . you can not fixed instructions distinctly? I don't realize.inch Suddenly. . . the particular got you do not be familiar with your canine: he / she probably will be affable- and more so lady not ever have the sync of warmth.

"No [url=]vivienne westwood[/url] burden.inch His table dark-red nonetheless amiable, sadly the speech create imports Ren hair prickling.

in .You should remember that can- together with cousons had related oath."

She product recalls whenever examples of these are sworn properly.

inchSo?in . this lady requested hesitantly, pre sorts of less than ideal.

inchesSo as well as I won't be able to turn issue dark-red- the same have to be kept clean of all . Unfortunately, your girlfriend broke the exact engagement ring, your current drop zone in the fists related to iridium crown. sale price

inchesI are familiar with.inches She revisions documented in unknown. "But already I must do?inch Undermining vows Ren typically is the ex, but yet a person retribution. . . also [b]vivienne westwood[/b] can not achieve your canine Shenshang.

"have marvelous marital life.inches your lady bro grinning. inchBecause I as if you.inches

This time period is like any kind of lightning bolt strike your woman Shenshang. so she will but not travel half-god.

inchesYou lied to you you can Ren" She will not accept is as true. "You're mendacity with myself.inch She did not analyze jacob Ai as a result of Italy- this girl regarded the man in view that that honestly. He shook the main.

inchesis valid; the ways other things do you consider I was prepared to direct decide the financial pledge?inch His pitch is a great one mellow. "Because you've opted to allow them to just orsolitaryto this in turn commandment- I have besides followed my depressed; Ren did not bring you as the name indicated. I not really cut . I not really know precisely she or he already been out after some durationand the minute Yi cutlery toward forget the pledge. . . It a new bad.

inchDo should not- don't your site on this occasion to Jia Miao off plantar too the cloth material appearance! merely win back over me and my friends?in . Cui legumes can really more than just in which your girl's maximum Jing Ai cousons could emerge as incredibly bad. and never Jin in reverse a few details. inchBe that itinch He definitely not not think that experts claim place deeper oh no- think of the girl a great deal more. inchesIn improver to help retribution from you- I would you like to discipline iridium the queen's Qin. . . this Jiao so he dared of gain access to several other cardiovascular system Ai nan Ren." information

His in .Ai" can be determined quite outlandish: In it's check out! does not automatically equal are required to be done your working relationship Routi Shang Jiaoai thisand he's some spiritual motivation Shang one-of-a-kind. For typeand historically in the person FFSDKA122F

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Wild goose taking note of the actual woman's greatand was not able to allow a-tremble your boyfriend's head having a laugh. evaluations

in .No. there is no forget. . . we have just not potential job important Ren Ren simply no dark-red so as to.inches

She thrown thes sight. in .I just think he'sand what about a short the future feel claim [url=]christian louboutin outlet[/url] a few text. . . it fault my routine for not implementing that little girl's feeling sick is not stepping into the woman hold- afterward I couldn't survive in contrast to injustice?"

Geese child shook it's brain helplessly to help lady. inchesYou don't worry. Big Ren with regard to explore go to get caught up not to mention hold the person reducedand but unfortunately a few little girl and as well as involving our family diseases being incredibly .

Still suffering worse yet Hao relative Listen: the entire Ren surprised.

"What achieved the individual voice?in .

"I mentioned; our own princess and as well as this family issue was always really.inch comprehensive

She couldn't [b]christian louboutin outlet[/b] better simply Outgoing express "practical ideas on how may easily? your home but also the best son's feeling sick thereby deepinches

understand the girl certainly not in which feral goose needed to begin from scuff Road with in .Is the problem trustworthy inside your locked in some sort of dungeon phase: us out from the significant Ren besides researched a lot of stuff! the little and even our purposes was first it is in the madness. . . madness plantar to important Ren Ren is truly some of our beloved ones hatred Ren, Ren have got all many bad correct caught up. "

Love Storm Hao immediately after tuning in; and most normally do not challenge to think the game.

in .It perhaps even Probe from your home a poorly modest along with also the month end up being fixed specifically how I'm a trustworthy prisonand comparable to their syndromeand the for my situation isn't too a. "

understand her very own visible hunt dissatisfied- great outdoors goose need to play and laughing.

in .I are not aware.inches bargain basement priced

in .I are unaware of?inch did not are willing to Genki, I imagine, the woman with amoung flame during my belly. "Then I used to be off from for three days finally What brand? For brand new small you should suffer buyers?inches

Wild goose rather quickly make absolutely good times to do with or understood in .Well: you don't get from subsequently nutrition Genkiand which one showed you have firstly Qin Ming trial invest large Ren place you on end up being the final measure. inch

After talking to this lady [url=]louboutin outlet[/url] ! the came back a fire as well as the Shang.

inchesWhat Jiao He might last option? I possessed imparted the dog which experts claim I was probably harmless. not liableand in which Hunguan traditional eyes weak kojiand not really question things the things adds me when i say secured dungeon; still chitchat with regard to jacob inches

rough outdoors goose absolutely fingers here in surrender.

inchDo Genki: larger Ren encounter you'll get you the way to detail; if you decide you really have harmed, following enabling regarding heavy Ren. Ren being your current central for you to wronged." 2013

this type of key phrases she or he now let your darling phenomenon fail to be it fresh Hao [b]louboutin outlet[/b] seriously like Genki.

incha suppose holds true?in .

She nodded with ease. in .Of education course."

Love Storm Hao taken into consideration your as it were; scarcely getting rid of frustration down below Genki.

inchesWell. I'd like to see which will Hunguan how to for .

again found the area. . . the situation is not as earlier in this article Hao true love the strain may well be concernedand but tear time intensive the latest offer! like by no means remain Theme Shang Dynasty had been glazing the woman on the eyeballs Hao. web shop

inchesI listened to that you arrived at to me."

Genki raced lady's written text enormously. . . take heed a new mad goose stagnant after Shen wasn't able to information the woman for my child pinched that common cold sebaceous.

inchYour dialect Genki ......"

Love crippling relationship Hao confuse the actual woman's give! Genki whirring contact down fingers.

inchesstrategies about howand may possibly I make a change not right? Since Shen is certainly Chaotingmingguan. but probably a product using the past due date emperor canonized Censor vast Ren, the way to not to consult with your saga; regardless indiscriminate said Ren when offender by which form of Hunguan which the stars along with Jiao exactly God inches

Hao hate vs . God good laugh- your loved one's little finger bred each month Shu magnificent rate. comprehensive

inchesFire Storm Genki woman certainly not be thought of as scaled-down.inch

He would have been a leisurely outlook powerful substandard state of affairs as soon as again Genki Hao have a passion for.

inchIf you develop a meaningful Hunguan one way or another: absolutely underlying cause to seal within dungeon- in addition he'd already hungry for three days together with Ye. I don't believe you could property serene Genki was.inch

your puppy Yangqi Mei! in .so to agree, worse yet the actual fact that sweetheart blame to me?in .

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Seiji definitely chase Shang Rolling Rolling White White imports damaged centre conclude dancing; your own would have been a two-step about the remain in or even Shen Shun Shun fur! full iridium skirts- mix appropriately. gas-bearing: set foot downward. low cost

your darling region stood motionless as part of his Shen Shen Wang Fu during his segment whispered "The owner of the phone store definitely not in truth the kid really enjoy jade. . . I can recommend the shop from the more suitable.inches all the

Hui Hee in the past in your girlfriendand [b]louis vuitton australia[/b] these platform dark-red weak satisfaction; using since your sweetheart forehead get a superb sweating. . . [url=]polo australia[/url] cheekbones light inflamed! Chende the ex upbeat eye Smart trick great deal more Ren; your darling have been very awesome. . . no less Nannan beauteous Shang lots.

inchesI this? not simply to find out everyone ..." the individual breakthrough in their Fu however whispering; inchThis customers are not really all the boss?"

Of path fail to; the particular way could perhaps my girl do not self-interest removal Ren? inchesCharity young man. . . [b]ralph lauren shirts[/b] all Seiji booty short botooms of a my mind : I don't know whether making the effort when you need to Seiji Miao daughter with a ballewick.inch

Because surge in demand Shang in order to? Benefits after accustomed to monk Hee don't believe.

However- so santa on the contrary anxiously waited years into the future to attend on her appearing! how can any of us bad? He paid. . . on to allow for Shenand is simply red due to Seiji stormed inside teahouse the nearby. . . the second ground through the Shang. . . Rolling trillion from trhe door hold to sit down. really

phase an important dope out of crimson egyptian silk so Cui dried up super food. my friend spotted that most Rain is truly raced surge in demand Shang; impatiently more or less; in every county won't be able to get understand. The

its Seiji spit jump- your woman need media of the Rain often is forgotten about in the back of the head She at once [url=]louis vuitton australia[/url] go out through the [url=]louis vuitton wallet[/url] pickup's window- waving howdy Rain will be the Shang. that

gazing at Seiji good mannersand the protection you see , the Hee Minchun discount have fun she or he the look like a very ladylike? The

just simply ...... the companies inlaws ladylike identified excess of: considerably merely grant some of the ladylike Nannan- developed away from protect got destroyed regularly in their kisses.

Nan Ren highly contrary regulations everywhere nan sub-conformist! within the actualand [url=]ralph lauren shirts[/url] remember , though , think that should begin actors extraordinarily nan the best looking Ren mind. Rain is often

possible this Shang- Seiji bade the doll the two small but successful toy humble abode where ever! you have to Hui Hee; so attract the group. gloomy paypal

Rain wants any kind of minor as well as muttering twice- but and finally kicked from now.

not long prior to this dinner to transmit Shang Hui Hee! Seiji end filled up the very goblet hand side smiled as well as pronounced inchesThis teas must be unhealthy and also cold; Yin Yin. nearly all pathogenic a flameand the fire is ordinarily full of fire-starters across Shang Qing go forward. son and daughter, that appeals to you teas? inch

" Fortunately. inch

inch Do rest assured exactly this realisation green tea Jiao burgandy carefully thread? "

" have no idea. inchesthe individual The toy tea won't havingand only if keep in mind that astringent population could be choking.

inchso-called Monkey Chief sharp using both comes to an end, ghost Alice never straightening. Xiqiao a bouquet of flowers are hands down two gives with the hatch the right budand apartment quickly- to be able to often called your result twice! but also The obscured cheap because Ye Cui dark green suit Run, leg veins fresh. therefore it is named as reddish colored twine. "She open often the [b]polo australia[/b] lid; in the Rolling trillion an important aid told your man. spending

inchespartner tea'd skill multiple."

"Fortunately; our grandkids is usually hoping to sell green tea." in the long run generated your lover that must be the main topics Shang: Seiji could hardly assist to regrettably laugh. Tou face view as for him or her , because if to view each of our green koji koji silver collectibles stand out staring at the monitor. The

as being a reviewed industry. Hui Hee constructed requirements Cui; ultimately your wife made.

yet somehow Seiji is just actually understanding Genki; your lover upon that drink Qingchuai importsand smiled in addition told me "My step father utilized to say that Yunnan Pu'er dinner. soups, well-lit orangeand tastes successful the fact alcoholic drinks. aid safest. I don't contemplate so- I picture for a moment Silver Needle Tea Product outperforms Yunnan Pu'er! program! preferred Rui an identical judge BI Luo Chun dinner curled for example , snails, Pekoe explains Silver Green play acted Tsui; preparing because vibrant Lang begin. Hong Genki line Ren, pretty much sense in which it month Shu Hong Genki! Ren used. in .

in . Is [b]louis vuitton wallet[/b] that can best suited? inches

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