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Tips on Making Great Taglines

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Taglines Image

Your blog's tagline should be short and memorable. It should sum up your blog's themes and tone. It should be a sticky phrase with some personality that ties into your brand.

That's allot to accomplish in just a few words. The more specific the topics you write about in your blog the easier it is to make a tagline. As with any part of your brand identity, look to see if there is something else that differentiates your blog. Something that could help you to stand out. That something might make a good tagline and is worth exploring. An uncommon and succesful example is, NorthxEast including their publishing schedule in their tag line, "Unmissable Weekly Articles For Bloggers".

NorthxEast Tagline

What doesn't make a good tagline is a really long sentence. The longer the tag line is, and the less connected the sentence is, the less memorable it will be. I've also noticed that some great writer's don't necessarily have great taglines. So, this is a topic that a blog owner at virtually any level can benefit from.

Taglines are not a branding requirement. They are a differentiator. If your Logo and the rest of your branding elements allow you to stand out well in your niche you may not need a tagline.

There are some blogs that do need a tagline though to strengthen their brand. Now if your blog's name is your own personal name serving as your blog name, or your blog's name doesn't clearly state the niche you serve, or its something a bit generic than a tag line can be a beneficial addition to your brand.

I see that some bloggers use taglines as less of a sticky branding message and instead for listing topics that they blog about. That isn't memorable, but it does help to clarify what your blog is about when users land on your blog. Its a good start. Try improving on this though. If you currently have a list of topics you blog about serving as your tagline try integrating it somehow into a memorable sentence. It might make a real positive difference for your brand.

I'm on the fence about whether a list of topics you write about underneath your tag line is helpful or not. I think that if you create clear hierarchy it could work. You could have a really memorable tagline in a larger stylized font and then in a small light plain font have a list of what you blog about. I think this would work best if the tagline was removed from the logo. If anyone has seen a successful use of this please put a link in the comments.

An Example of a Great Tag Line

The blog Copyblogger has the tagline, "Copywriting Tips for Online Marketing Success". That defines what Copyblogger is really well. Its short and memorable. Visually it stands out by being placed on a sticky note in the web design. Great Work.

Copyblogger Tagline

Three Locations to Place Taglines Successfully

Next to Your Logo

Next to the logo is a good place to situate a tagline. It fuses with the logo and they function as one brand element. A good example of this is, which has the tagline of "Ideas for Better Blogging". This is a really interesting blog design as well.

Blogsolid Tagline

Below Your Logo

Another way to fuse the tagline with the logo is to place it below the main text of your logo. Wake up Later uses this format.

Wake Up Later Tagline

Removed From Your Logo

The third way to place your tagline is to remove it physically from the logo. A common place to move it to is over to the right of your header if your logo is on the left. The blog IttyBiz has a similar tagline placement as copyblogger. It is also enclosed in a graphic and moved to the right.

Ittybiz Tagline

Let's Look at 2 Blogs that Could Benefit from Tagline Improvement

There are a lot of blogs out there that we could look at. I chose a couple of blogs that I like the writing of and that I subscribe to their feeds. I think that offering feedback about blogs I like can only improve them.

Case Study 1: Looking At a Blog That Currently Has No Tag Line Incorporated into the Website Layout

Here is an example of a great name for a blog that has some real personality behind it Self Made Chick. It does ok without a tag line. Though a tag line could help to define the brand a little more. Help to say what she writes about and stands for. Maybe something like, "Overcoming Business Challenges" or something with the first person in it "My Trials in Entrepreneurship." A tagline would help to ground the name of the blog with what she writes about. Whether you think she should have a tagline or not check out the blog its great, After reading her blog you'll see that her topics are about her successes, trials, and failures in entrepreneurship. She also gives some good blogging and business tips as well.

Self Made Chick Tagline

Before publishing this article I noticed that this site does have a tag line. Its shows at the top of the browser. Though its not used in the design of the page. The tagline is, "Make Money Online, Work From Home, and Take Back Your Life - One Entrepreneur's Journey." I like, "One Entrepreneur's Journey". Its short and memorable and represents the sites topics well. It would benefit the site to incorporate it into the page design though.

Case Study 2: Looking At a Blog That Currently Has Competing Tag Lines is a great blog that is likely growing fast. I see some high quality writing coming from Mark over there and his publishing schedule has really picked up. I think he could benefit greatly by rethinking his tagline. Currently he has two competing taglines. One is a list of topics he blogs about located directly underneath his logo and the other is removed from the logo and placed over to the right. Tagline

I don't think he needs both. I think the tagline on the right "Providing Organic Relief from the Common Cubicle" is unique and he should possibly stick with that. It fits his blogging focus of living overseas and differentiates his brand. Though Mark may be feeling some growing issues that might make him consider changing his tagline.

A blog considering rethinking its focus, or thinking about how to successfully incorporate new interests into their existing brand, is common with many blogs as they grow. Mark blogs about many topics. Also, he has started blogging about some popular topics a lot like blogging, achieving goals, and business. So, he may need to rethink his brand to fit his current blog focus. Maybe a tagline like, "Island Advice on Blogging and Business". That ties in his blogs current focus and the concept of his blogs name. Its focused enough to differentiate his blog, but loose enough to encompass his wide array of writing topics.

Applying Changes to Your Blog

Irregardless of whether you agree with all of my assessments above, the analysis points out some of the thought process you should go through in determining a tagline for your blog, assessing its relevance to your brand, and its stickiness in your potential reader's minds. Good luck with picking a tagline for your blog and let me know how it works out in the comments below.

Food for thought

I design web sites everyday. I never really put that much thought into tag lines but after reading this blog i will be giving tag lines a lot more thought. Thank you!

this is great

this is great collection...thanks for sharing this....


Giving a site visitor an immediate sense of context is vital, and that of course is where the tag line comes in.


I have my new site running now and one of my struggles in making it is how to make a short but memorable Tag Line. So I thank you for this! It made me realize some points that would help my new born site gets traffic.

Very Informative Blog it

Very Informative Blog it is.And You have Described very helpful tips about the Blog themes,Tag-lines and many more.You have sharing very Great Collection its too good.Well Done.


It is amazing the difference a good Tag line can give to a blog. I appreciate your approach to handing out tips and constructive criticism. Thank you.

More Productive

These tips and advices really are helpful in composing your taglines. I agree with all these. Thank you so much for having all this!

Thanks for the great ideas

Thanks for the great ideas about taglines.


Very interesting. Thanks alot.

They are indeed important,

They are indeed important, and should be used, for they help your posts to be indexed as someone earlier said. This means good PR's for your blog.

Taglines and SEO

Great article - what is very challenging these days int he world of SEO and internet marketing is that of the tagline and that for new business owners, Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc all penalize new sites for 6 months onward as they could be spammers - for the legitimate, this is a hurdle to overcome and does offer another significant force to content with, along with taglines, keywords, page structure, web2.0, etc...

As a new business owner (, I am having to spend a large amount of time getting PR and found on search engines at all, a crux of the business model. thoughts and comments appreciated,


Indeed a great taglines you

Indeed a great taglines you got here. I am impressed with this blog post. Your tips are very useful for me. I will visit this site later to check any daily updates.

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Thanks for sharing us this very nice and interesting information on Making great Taglines. I will share it with my friends and colleges.


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Very useful taglines

yes, taglines should be short and meaningful, thanks for sharing the great tips, it will useful for many bloggers like me, definitely i will follow these guidelines in my blog, keep posting.

Hi, Very good tips with

Very good tips with examples.A tagline is supposed to communicate to your customers and potential customers what sets you apart from your competition and also your brand’s focus.


get there in the end!

This will be a help for anybody not established. I changed mine loads of times name and position mefore i was happy, but i was not live, but i think you info would have speeded things up

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I have a job interview at hollister tomorrow and i looked online found out that during the group interview the manager asks you to say a hollister "tagline". What is that? and also what should i wear.


Great posts here. I wish you were still blogging solid content here.

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I have red your article. really i like this type of the information that are help to everyone. I have share this information to my friend and family. I love this article.

Excellent tips for SEO

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I am taking a class in which

I am taking a class in which we have to think of taglines for a business alliance. It is a fairly new alliance that is trying to generate new members and to make their city area stronger and more notice by people. Any ideas would be great. They have to be catchy and sophisticated.

Your blog is great! I love

Your blog is great! I love this article on taglines. I'm trying to make my practice's website better, so I appreciate all the help I can get.

Thanks for the helpful post!

This post has really made me re-think my current tag line and whether it does a good job of explaining what our blog is about. We chose "Make it a great adventure!" because we want to inspire others to travel. I may have to consider putting something together that explains a little more about our site. You pointed out some great examples here. Thanks!

Good to know

Good to know the difference of a good tagline on a blog. The more memorable your blog tagline is the better. Good post!

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Thanks for the great tips they were really helpful

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If this idea will help improve lives on the affected country then why not. Just consider the factor of what will be the effect and who will be affected.

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This is very nice post for taglines purpose. I need a good tagline,motto,phrases or quotes for my project.The project is about climate change and biodiversity loss.


Great post on taglines - the best taglines are those that are short and sweet. thanks for sharing this information.

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I do not have a tag line on my blog. I guess I need to figure out how to add one using wordpress. I am stuck for ideas though.

Should of done this like Yesterday!!!

What an awesome opportunity! I cant wait to see the results! Thanks for such a great post.


I don't necessarily have a great Nottingham tagline all the time!

Great read

Thanks for taking the time to converse all of these. You authored this in a uncommon way that's why I have bookmarked to this site. I am looking forward to have more on this.


After long search I've fiend this kind of blog site. Here is some effective tips that helps to make my sites tag line.

Useful And Informative

Tagline could indeed make a difference of making the visitors read or ignore your blogs. I make sure to make my tag lines interesting and you just help me big time.

I am agree with you. Some

I am agree with you. Some essential suggestion I have found on this blog. I think this site will be helpful for every body.

Good collection and very

Good collection and very much inspired from it
thanks for the post …


I do not have a tag line on my blog. I guess I need to figure out how to add one. I guess the tagline should also be keyword focused?

The importance of tag lines

The importance of tag lines in a business is very vital because this will give the customers a curiosity of what you are dealing for and a positive impression, thus I agree on having the best tag lines will increase profits and can gain prospective clients.

Great point. I wish

Great point. I wish everybody understood the importance of taglines. They get the attention of potential buyers almost instantly.


Thanks for the informative article and suggestions on blogging tag lines. sell home quickly

Sense of context

A good tagline gives an immediate sense of context to a page, and can be the difference between carrying on reading the page or pressing the Back button and going elsewhere...

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The Tips on Making Great Taglines are very well described in the post of this blog which i totally appreciate.

Great read

In blogging design to add the taglines is not an easy task.Thanks for your tips.I am sure that it would be a great help to the concerned people.

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I appreciate the way through which Tips on Making Great Taglines are described in the post of this blog,it is really amazing.

Tag Lines

Very true about keeping tag lines shor and sweet. Folks get it and we do not have to try and hammer a message home.

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